Seizure (Pandinus Dictator series), 2016. Photograph, pigmentary print on Fine Art paper, 24 x 30 cm.

Caroline Delieutraz

01/20/2017 - 02/25/2017
opening Friday 01/20/2017

Gallery 22,48 m² is pleased to announce Caroline Delieutraz’s third solo show. The artist invests the expanded gallery space with brand new pieces, continuing her researches about themes that span her whole work: circulation, capture, collection and otherness.

"To envision what radical otherness might be: the seal of impossibility with which such a venture is stamped simultaneously turns it into a tireless motor for creativity. If the ancient gods dealt with arousing the fantasizing function, the aura of mystery has shifted. Secularised, back down on earth, it has nested itself in another totem’s inwardness, just as hermetic: the machine, fantasized as a fully-fledged organism. Projection mechanisms, for their part, remain fundamentally the same. For the more we attempt to describe what eludes us, the more we end up describing ourselves. Hasn’t Jean Baudrillard already implied that “automation and personalisation aren’t contrary to each other at all. Automation is merely personalisation dreamed up at the object’s level”1 ? Caroline Delieutraz’s research attests to these implications: digital encryption of immemorial myths and the reinvestment of primary affects in the technosphere.

Certain of the key elements that guide her approach are outlined from the very title of her new monographic exhibition at gallery 22,48 m2. To entitle it “Unnamed Feelings”, in reference to Metallica’s song The Unnamed Feeling, reflects the process of sampling the signs that populate everyday life, a process that is also found in the reproduction of a Kilim carpet’s pattern or the recontextualization of SNCF luggage nets. In this way, Caroline Delieutraz updates certain iconic patterns, cognitive as well as affective, that circulate within contemporary visual culture. Seeing, thinking and feeling in a new media environment, through media which we’ve yet to fully tame, necessarily has an impact on content - on what is seen, on what is perceived and on what is felt in itself."

Extract from Ingrid Luquet-Gad's text. Read the full text within the press release.  

¹ Jean Baudrillard, Le Système des objets, Paris, Gallimard, 2014, p. 158

exhibition view (photo Aurélien Mole)
exhibition view (photo Aurélien Mole)

exhibition view (photo Aurélien Mole)
Black Armor, 2017, elements of fairing made of ABS, CNC injected plastic, black
painting, enamel, base in plexiglas, 160 x 180 cm  (photo Aurélien Mole)
Nets (Série Pandinus Dictator), 2016
Black net, cellphone, found videos, 20 x 27 cm
Blue Skins, 2017 (detail), tirage pigmentaire sur papier fine art, 160 cm x 30 cm

exhibition view

Unboxing + tapping + whisper with Rikita ASMR, (Série Embedded Files), 2017
HD video, headphones, binaural sound, 48 min 56 s

Fulgur (Série Pandinus Dictator), 2016Photograph, pigmentary print on fine art paper, engraved glass
29,4 x 35,2 cm

Embbeded Files, 2015 - 2017
Paraffin, found objects, 31 x 26,5 x 1 cm