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Net (Pandinus Dictator), 2016. Black net, cellphone, found videos, 20 x 27 cm

Caroline Delieutraz works with material that is abundant in our society of information: images and other data, circulating insensitively through the flow of international electronic networks. The origins of this data, the way it appears in public space – including the internet – its exploitation, transformations and successive reuses, its death and rebirth, all form the focal point of her work. Every day, Caroline Delieutraz gathers all kinds of material available on the web and manipulates it, in an attempt to occupy this constantly fluctuating world in her own way. Even though she perpetuates what could be referred to as the erasure of the “original”, a relative concept in a copy-paste world, she never negates the origin of this data or the work that others have accomplished. On the contrary, the source of the images are an integral and significant part of her work. Caroline Delieutraz moves and reshapes the information she extracts from the system in an effort to question the authority of these images that seem so familiar to us that they have become certainties. By constantly jumping from the so-called “virtual” world to the so-called “real” world, Caroline Delieutraz’s different pieces take on the appearance of digital and analog vehicles, the mysterious hybrid elements that make up the data.

Geraldine Miquelot

Exhibition view "Unamed Feelings", 2017, Galerie 22,48m² (photo: Aurélien Mole)

Seizure (Pandinus Dictator), 2016. Photograph, pigmentary print, 24 x 30 cm.

Exhibition view, "Unamed Feelings", Galerie 22,48m², Paris (photo: Aurélien Mole)

Fulgur (Pandinus Dictator), 2016.  
Photograph, pigmentary print, engraved glass 29,4 x 35,2 cm

Just The Fact Nothing But The Fact, 2016-2017.
HD video, 10 min 26 s
(photo: Aurélien Mole)

Exhibition view, "Unamed Feelings", Galerie 22,48m², Paris

Black Armor, 2017. Elements of fairing made of ABS, 160 x 180 cm (photo: Aurélien Mole)

Exhibition view, "Unamed Feelings", Galerie 22,48m², Paris (photo: Aurélien Mole)

Embbeded Files, 2015 - 2017 (photo: Aurélien Mole)

Embbeded Files, 2015 - 2017. Paraffin, found objects, 31 x 26,5 x 1 cm

✨ Unboxing + tapping + whisper ✨ with Rikita ASMR, ( Embedded Files), 2017.
HD video, headphones, binaural sound, 48 min 56 s

Blue Skins, 2017 (detail). Pigmentary print, 160 cm x 30 cm
Deux visions, depuis 2012. Vue de l'exposition  "Stereo View", 2014, Galerie 22,48 m², Paris, France
Série de diptyques, depuis 2012 pages du livre La France de Depardon, captures d’écran de Google Street View, 30,5 x 21,8 cm chaque

Les Vagues, 2015. Puzzle, wood, steel base, 41,5 x 29 x 1,8 cm

Les Otages, 2014. 
Video installation, 15-inch screen, cartels, variable dimensions (image : Clotilde Reiss, Hervé Ghesquière, Hussein Hanoun)

Claire Blandin, 2014. Digital printing, headphone, mp3, soundtrack, variable dimensions

Trucage, 2014
Book (Philippe Vasset, Exemplaire de démonstration, Fayard, 2003) Ipod, Rodoïd paper, green painting, 32 x 29,7 cm

Masques anti-regard (2014),
View of the exhibition "Stéréo View", 2014, Galerie 22,48 m², Paris, France

Written in flesh, 2014. Domain name, program, found images

Sans Titre (La tour de Babel), 2013. Puzzle, wood, 56 x 46 cm

L'homme qui dormait dans un livre, 2013. Domain name, program, found images

A l'oeil nu, 2012.
Graphite pencil on paper, aluminium fixation, 120 x 141 cm

Les Matrices (une archéologie du web), 2011.

L'explication du monde, 2012. Domain name, website, found animated gifs, puzzle, wood, 117 pieces, 28,7 x 16,8 cm

Venezzia_biennial_jn_3.jpg, 2011. Installation, workbook, printed screenshots, poster, video 15 min

Google marque-pages, 2011. Public space intervention, bookmarks, video tutorial, website

300 avatars par défaut, 2011. Ipod, video animation, loop

Au creux de nos mains, 2011, Installation vidéo

Autoportrait de la lampe, 2010. Installation, light, inkjet printing, 21 x 29,7 cm

Blue Meme, 2010. Video, loop

Falling Pictures, 2010. Domain name, website