02/10/2010 19h - 2h
hors cadre NUIT BLANCHE Paris 2010

22,48 m² pour ___
A video installation by Rosario Caltabiano

Simultaneously that the White Night in Paris, Saturday, Oct. 2, 22, 48 m² has made its first step into the world. The metallic curtain was lifted, the brand posed, the lights turned on the "event # 0" finally launched. This was the video installation 22.48 m² pour___ Rosario Caltabiano which took place overnight in the public eye. This has helped launch the series of activities in this blank place.
greatings : Alix Kuentz, Bo-kyoung Lee, Lauriane Denise, Remi Masse, Janaina Provenzano, Vincent Djabri