04/11/2010 - 25/11/2010
Curator : bo-kyoung lee
Opening 04/11/2010 18h-21h
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday from 15h to 19h30

Come, see, show

Following the video installation 22.48 m² pour___ scheduled for last october 2 , Nombreuxnombrils is the exhibition that will actually give birth to the place 22 , 48m ². It is black and white photographs of navels, taken since 2005 from people that the artist met by chance, or he already knew . Empty frames are also there , that will be filled during the time of the exhibition, by the photogenic visitors navels. Also a loop video installation of these navels will be broadcast.

These photographs developed on matte paper cut in discs may give the impression to the viewer to be faced with a hole through which he would observe someone 's navel . They are hung on the wall in rows of a variable sequence of units by artist Rosario Caltabiano , sometimes just three or four , and sometimes ten , by inserting the empty frames that will receive the newly elected . Rosario Caltabiano presents them as he was composing a personal message with sentences written in navels-words in the exhibition space. This can ultimately evoke us a kind of letter in Morse code , consisting of dots and dashes , which would send us a rather intimate story . A story that observers should however still decode by telling themselves. However , given the diversity of form of these navels , each one is entitled to tell alone something to navelly capture all the attention. Facing this whole scene, which compress and concentrate such a identical crowd wanting itself different, you can lose yourself during a moment : am I really n front of navels ?

The television screen is at the back of the stage at the end of a dark and  narrow corridor, diffuses a silent video of the round images in a crossfade . When we look at these images that change smoothly, their movement product like a whisper in our ear.

For this project , Rosario Caltabiano started very logically from his own navel. Each navel on the wall is presented with his date and place of birth. These two elements are significant : this is the record , set in space and time, which marks the birth, which made two out of one, . Each navel is a divorce. First trace of a long series of pain, first injury for living. Today, these navels are being collected by the care of Rosario Caltabiano , their portrait painter . Present as living fossils , which would go back to that first encounter with the world, to imagine it .

In the context of this exhibition, a booth as a kind of rudimentary Photomaton is set in a corner of the place . This reduced shooting device would organize an intimate encounter , as it was at a confessional, between two people. The discussion could almost turn to the confession . Thus, what the artist archives and engraves, it is also the trace of sharing an experience with the navel .

Each navel, came from a different world, plays its own role "in the nude ." There has for scene only the light . Everyone plays the lead role in his own world, he is the center.

The place of the exhibition offers an opportunity for these navels to suggest a range of souvenirs. Nombreuxnombrils becomes the place which makes their meeting , their community, communion possible. This is the microcosm 22 , 48m ² wants to become through the various projects it leads . Nombreuxnombrils gives birth to 22 , 48m ².
Come, See and Show ! Do not you let yourself and your track , won't you join this community of world centers collected by Rosario Caltabiano ?
[ LEE, Bo- kyoung ]

Born in 1972 in Catania, Sicily. After earning an engineering degree at " Politecnico " in Turin in 1999 , he decided to undertake an artistic research in photography. He took lessons with Enzo Obiso and in 2008 obtained a Masters in Fine Arts at the University PARIS VIII . As part of his studies, his artistic interest widens the video, the short film , installation , intervention , photography , sound and writing. He lives and works between Paris and Italy.