Friday, January 14, 2011 at 19:30
Magazine presentation

marges 11
" value (s) of contemporary art"

Evening presentation of the number 11 of the magazine of contemporary art Marges. How a value ( artistic, historical, financial . ) Is assigned to works of art ? Several authors in this issue observe how some artists have played with the idea of ​​value , others more generally questioned the valuation process of art or work of art within the society. The perspectives adopted deal with cultural history, art history and aesthetics .
"Value (s) of contemporary art" is part of a series of studies conducted by the magazine Marges about the conditions of the creation in the early 21st century. After dealing with "the art at the time of the service society " and "irresponsibility of the art " and " movement of artistic practices "  this time it is about a point which raises controversy , the tangible and intangible dual nature of the value attributed to works of art.

The authors are Jean -Philippe Antoine , Jacinto Lageira Julie Verlaine , Sophie Cras , Marc Lenot, Gabriel Gee , Leo Martinez. There is also a portfolio by Chloe Poizat and an interview with Philippe Gronon .