For the  BELLEVILLE  ARTISTS OPEN WORKSHOP the 22.48 m² will be open on Friday 27 , Saturday 28 , Sunday 29 and Monday, May 30th from 14h to 21h with the exhibition:

leopoldo mazzoleni
mobilisation de masses

On this occasion , additional works will be presented and the gallery space will be exceptionally enlarged .

Curator : Rosario Caltabiano

In Mobilisation de masses , Sicilian artist and architect Leopoldo Mazzoleni proposes a set of sculptures made ​​from ordinary furniture, which could very well be from our houses, drawers or closets could host our personal belongings and memories . Under the hands of the artist , this furniture undergoes a meticulous cutting and reassembly using procedures that evoke a systematic autopsy examination.

To borrow the title , it is the masses that found freedom of movement they did not have  when, originally they were still integral parts of furniture. Leopoldo Mazzoleni mobilizes which is not mobile and gives it a new life while forcing us to imagine a new use . Without losing its genetic memory , the furniture is not immobile , frozen in a solid static structure but folds and unfolds in space by artist game and viewer's eyes.

Credits : Daniela Sessa

Credits : Daniela Sessa