Saturday, May 25, 2013, 20h
  Performance / Installation
Matthew Crimersmois with videographer Marc Plas 

Invited by Lucie Le Bouder aside from the exhibition LAYERS  at gallery 22.48 m², Matthieu Crimersmois and videographer Marc Plas will present installation / performance " ZOMBIE MACHINE MUSIC".

Matthieu Crimersmois practice scratching for over 10 years. It was during his studies at the Beaux- Arts de Nantes ( DNSEP 2009) that his work focuses on the relationship between sound and image .
He began his practice in adapting a mixer on his body (2005) and a read head on each index in its hands, strolling the streets as a troubadour of noise music .
In 2006, he created a scratching partition machine ( Phonoptique ) to transpose graphic signs obtained by his gestures in morse code, implying that scratching can be an intelligible language.
He also thermoformed vinyl to create a kind of shell , featuring a notion of immunity and fragility.
In 2008 he created his own drawing tool with enhanced plates , which become a giant " Télécran "  with which he draws and mixes ...

Marc Plas practices painting, drawing, film and video. He is particularly interested in the relationship between cinema and video : " Regarding my practice of film and video , the word" drama " would probably make no sense and would be replaced by a less exogenous term, more appropriate to the elements about the process of developing a film.

Experimenting hybridization racks, practice switching between media is to first take into account the particularities of each of them and their irreconcilable differences . "

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