Samedi 14/12/2013 from 6 pm to 9 pm
Bérangère Maximin

sound performance
proposed by Umut Ungan

(credits Pablo Fernandez)

The Electroacoustic composer, Bérangère Maximin will perform a sonic piece on the layering concept, experimenting with an arrangement of colors, textures and elements in a progressive accumulation, a personal intense and colorful mass.
"Bérangère Maximin's science of acousmatic allows her to mix a wide range of sounds from ethnic fragments to noise and electric guitar samples which bring to mind Talking Heads as well as Henri Pousseur (...) . No need to have a 100K studio when one's got the good ideas." Chronic'art
For this special occasion, Bérangère Maximin will present the limited  "Home Sweet Home Studio/BM" tee-shirt edition she's created in collaboration with Skopp (launching in January 2014).

Working out of her own Home Sweet Home Studio, BM shoots sounds in a dark silent room, records soundscapes and acoustic sounds, performs on a variety of objects, plays with sampling, digital effects and sings.
Her attraction to light and powerful sounds gives her work a very unique quality.
SKOPP is a creative studio based in Paris, specialized in art direction, music videos , graphic design, photography, merchandising and music programs.