sound performance
Friday, April 4, 2014 , 20.00
(limited seats available)

Fragments, textures, meteorites, resonances, sound explorations, spaces. "Finding a crack in the wall of music, which sometimes surrounds us like a citadel . " P. Schaeffer
Céline- Giulia Voser, Sandra Weiss and Coralie Lonfat have multiplied experiences and achievements in Switzerland, Europe and elsewhere.
"Inklings" is born from their meeting in New York City, it is a reflection of their association between acoustic and electronic . It is Songwriting , improvisation and sound researches. It is also about reinvesting, experimenting and always reinventing . Made of a dense streeam of sounds, of imperceptible mutations and perceptible interactions, "Inklings": is an abstract and free world.

Céline- Giulia Voser (cello)
Sandra Weiss (saxophone, bassoon)
Coralie Lonfat (electronic)

Céline- Giulia Voser (cello) 
She studied among others with Uli Fussenegger and Guido Schiefen in Lucerne, and Fred Sherry and Erik Friedlander in New York City.
As a freelance musician, she is a member of the formations "cégiu's", "Ingrid Lukas" , "Inklings", "Mathias Landtwing Sextett", "Marcello Duo", "Salto Natale - Der Circus der anderen Art" and "21st Century Symphony Orchestra".
She has collaborated among others with Nik Bärtsch, Roland Dahinden, Ben Gerstein, Max Huwyler, Christina Jaccard, Hildegard Kleeb, Angelika Luz, Michel Roth, Marcel Saegesser and Nadine von Schrader.
2013 | Förderpreis des Kantons Zug years freie künstlerische Schaffen
(Zug Canton grant)
2009 | Förderpreis des Kantons Zug (Zug Canton grant)
2008 | Förderpreis des Kantons Zug (Zug Canton grant)

Coralie Lonfat - Electronic
After a career in classical music and jazz , where she completed her studies in composition and piano, she heads up to experimental electronic music. Her work focuses on mixing electronic sounds and outside recordings to create different scopes and sound variations in her compositions and improvisation with the computer, the research and development of personal textures. She studied experimental electronic music with Ikue Mori, Dafna Naphtali and Chuck Bettis . In 2013 , she obtained an artistic residency at New York 's Department of Culture from the Canton of Vaud (CH). Alongside her solo work , she currently works in various electro-acoustic formations such "Inklings", "Spook", "KRG" and "Insub Meta Orchestra".

Sandra Weiss - saxophone and bassoon
Sandra Weiss is born in South Africa  she studied saxophone at the Berklee College of Boston with Andy McGhee , and at the High School of Art and Zurich with Christophe Grab and Nathanael Su .
She studied bassoon at the Hochschule Luzern with Stefan Buri. During the recent years, she has played in many different musical projects (folk music, classical, jazz, experimental and improvisation) . She obtained a residency in 2014 in the New York City Department of Culture of Zurich (CH).