#27,2 - 30/03/2014
Espace Commines
17 rue Commines
75003 Paris
Solo show of Géraud Soulhiol

In a mastered pencil stroke, Géraud Soulhiol seems to sketch a parallel world from ours. His works deals with cartography, landscapes and architecture (isolated buildings in ruins, visions of of islands emerging from the distant, mutant architectures, saucers painted with instant coffee to browse as a logbook) These deploy as many clues for us to enter into this heterotopic territory.
The graphic vocabulary of Géraud Soulhiol reminds clearly childhood imagery and its fantastic and miniature allegories. But although his work seems ingenuous, light and brilliant, the delicate strokes and the remarkable detail meticulousness require a special attention. It is a sensitive but affirmed talk addressed with refinement and fully aware of its environmental/architectural universe. Issues such as the traces left by man on his "scenery of life."