28/08/2015 -30/08/2015
Cécile Beau 
Solo show
La Cartonnerie
Marseille, France
Roger Pailhas Prize, 2015

ART-O-RAMA 15, Overview of the exhibition
Sometimes, we have watched them passing in the open night sky, fleeting light shadows. Also, we have often taken our legs on her without paying attention. As children, we were sometimes playing when we were bored. Close or distant, they didn`t stopped to escape from us in their timeless being.
Through her various works, Cécile Beau attempts to introduce us in the observation process of the mineral universe. Substance of the origins present all around the world, the rocks remind different environnements, components and temporalities.
These aspects are evoked under several perspectives : cartographies of remote planets (Empreintes, 2012), stones cut-out for hanging on the walls as a constellation and the powder taken flown out in hourglasses which have diverse timings (Particules, 2015), slowly growing lichens inlaying in the rock (Thalles, 2014), a neon zigzag and a fleeting and unsteady lightening representing an ephemeral temporality (Zibens, 2011).
Stones that posses a rigourous beauty are shaping restricted landscapes, dry and floating, as possible stars to be manipulated. Countryside soils or from other environments are represented at a indistinct scale. A electric energy scans these diverse elements…
Cécile Beau weaves a time journey through a poetical dissection. A principle of temporality in the field of the minerals which have preceded and succeded life according to Roger Callois`s expression.

ART-O-RAMA, Overwiew of the exhibition

Particules, detail, 2015 - 24 carved stones, each in the range of 10 to 30 cm and 500 g to 2 kg, 24 hourglasses, rotation system, 35 x 7,5 x 9 cm. In collaboration with the laboratory Géosciences Paris Sud, Paris
Zibens, 2011 - Neons, steel, sound system, 200 x 70 cm