Picture from the film "Cagliostro", by Richard Oswald (1929)

03/09/2017 - 04/01/2017
opening 03/09/2017, 6 pm

Bianca Bondi, Jean-Baptiste Caron
Éléonore False, Alexandra Guillot
Jean Hubert, Manon Recordon
 Anna Tomaszewski, Thomas Tronel-Gauthier

group show

curator: Marianne Derrien

Revealing and awaking invisible forces through the figure of Cagliostro, a strange character oscillating between reality and fiction, alchemy and science who lived during the 18th century.

« Les vies de Cagliostro » is a group show based on the mystical and political story of Joseph Balsamo’s, (known as comte de Cagliostro), multiple lives, who was gifted with soaring imagination and who soon understood the mystical needs of his times. In order to map the artistic, cultural and socio-political whys and wherefores of visible and invisible forces, this exhibition invites us to explore systems of representations using cognitive fields such as science, anthropology and history. Artists invited all stand at the crossroads of these worlds and explore the relationship between institution/non-institution, authority/resistance, possession/reappropriation.

The exhibition relies on the different perspectives that change the world, the ones that shape official stories and collective mythologies. In times of social change, struggles and revolts operate as alternative value systems on a political level. Aiming at recreating a meeting of minds and actions, this exhibition tries to untie the knot of a legacy left by new critical thoughts that stand the test of more « unavowed » visions such as occult, magic and alchemy. 
Marianne Derrien 


exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view

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