Caroline Delieutraz, Black Armor, 2017, Elements of fairing made of ABS, CNC injected plastic, black painting, enamel, 160 x 180 cm

04/21 -04/23/2017
opening 04/20/2017
Caroline Delieutraz
Solo show

After the recent Caroline Delieutraz’s solo show at the gallery, the artist invests this time our booth space in Art Brussels with brand new pieces, continuing her researches about themes that span her whole work: circulation, capture, collection and otherness.
Her output is designed like a system that unfolds around recurrent signs, that echo each other through their variations.
The web as sign is present in various forms throughout the installation Pandinus Dictator. The piece deals with the human will to appropriate animals’ abilities – in this case, a scorpion’s – that can be equated to a desire of possession. Through the use of skill diagrams, the artist treats each specimen like a collectable character from a role-playing game. This classification highlights the specificity of each scorpion while still maintaining them in a human-object relationship. Blue Skins is also the result of a collection. Caroline Delieutraz arranges fictional blue-skinned characters, half-human, half-something else, in their order of appearance. From their common traits they emerge as a kind of army, whose difference between members is measured by the shades of blue of their skins. Embedded Files also deals with cross-breeding and organisation. It consists of picture-objects one can “read” thanks to a light-source. These blocks of paraffin turn into something very different when they are introduced and manipulated in a soothing video. Black Armor materializes an image extracted from an online sales site. The desired image becomes real, whereas the object only exists in this form for the packshot.
Caroline Delieutraz underlines the instability and complexity of the connexions between human-animal-objects and images in a society where the need for self-representation constantly craves material embodiment. 
With the support to the galleries / participation to a fair abroad by the CNAP , Centre National des Arts Plastiques