Thursday 05/18/2017, 7 pm
of the book "La critique d'art" by Claire Fagnart
and of the review "marges" no.24 – "Experience in art"
Presses Universitaires of Vincennes Editions – Paris 8 University

"La critique d'Art" by Claire FagnartThis publication is a draft theory about critical literature : what kind of knowledges do criticisms offer us ? Regarding which expectations ? This book explores the bonds between critical writing and philosophical, aesthetics, and epistemological beliefs of their authors, the bonds between criticism and the beliefs of 20th and 21st centuries. Moreover, this book questions the relationship between criticism and the artistic codes and norms. Broadly speaking, it tackles with the implicit philosophical and aesthetic features of art criticism from modern art revolution, and the transition between the 20th and 21st centuries, to nowadays.

Writer : Claire Fagnart is a university lecturer in the Arts department of Paris 8 University. Her research deal with aesthetics, pratice and history of plastic arts and photography. She is an expert and principal investigator of the following theme : «speech and discourse on art».

"marges" magazine, no.24 "Experience in art"
Marges 24, « L’expérience dans l’art » is part of a series of thematic studies run by Marges magazine about the conditions of creation at the beginning of 21st century. Following « Contemporary Art and Cultural Studies », « Remake / Cover / Repetition », « What’s an apparatus (in contemporary art ) »,« Artist-Theorician » and « globalism » it is now about reconsidering an ever-present thematic of the 20th century : the will of putting the art back into everyday life. Recent period enables us to reformulate this very ambition, at a point where the aesthetic experience settles down on new types of objects.
Revue MARGES, n.24 "L’expérience dans l'art"

Dossier : L’expérience dans l’art

Jérôme Glicenstein
« Introduction »

 Benjamin Riado
« L’artiste comme spectateur princeps »

 Alexis Bekirov et Thibaut Vaillancourt
« Le jeu vidéo, expérience-limite du sujet »

Elisabeth Pouilly
« Le théâtre de la guérison : l’expérience psychomagique d’Alexandro Jodorowsky. »

Elena Lespes Munoz
« Expériences et expérimentations dans les pratiques du Collectif d’art sociologique »

Vincent Romagny
« Quel est le modèle de The Model de Palle Nielsen ? »

Maria Concetta La Rocca
« Medea de Pascal Quignard. La danse butō et le spectateur : perspectives neuro-esthétiques »

Nicolas Fourgeaud
« “Performance in Postmodern Culture”, 1976 : enjeux et réceptions »

Stéphane Bérard

Marianne Massin avec Umut Ungan

Notes de lecture et comptes rendus d’expositions