Founded in October 2010 by Rosario Caltabiano, gallery 22,48 m² strives to be a unique exhibition space and a venue for diffusion of contemporary artworks within the international art scene. Since it's opening, the gallery has organized and produced nearly 50 exhibitions: monographic shows dedicated to the artists of the gallery, or else thematic exhibitions featuring artists from outside. Open towards new technologies they’re all marked by a critical engagement regarding the evolution of contemporary art.
In collaboration with curators, critics and artists, 22,48 m² proposes a multidisciplinary program: apart from its regular exhibition program, the gallery organizes performances, screenings, round-table debates, presentations of selected artworks, and activities dedicated to children and families, led by artists themselves, or else by specialized animators.
Gallery 22,48 m² focuses therefore mainly on activities linked to critical, cultural, and pedagogical fields, bringing today’s art and public together. Through its innovating lines of research, it also tries to reflect a new vision of an art gallery and in this sense acts like a key player within the latest generations of galleries in the art market.
22,48 m² also gives priority to specific and innovating work regarding publishing: 22,48 m²’s catalogues and publications are developed and designed both as spaces for autonomous thinking and as a tool that echoes the works exhibited.
As an active member of the gallery network «Grand Belleville», 22,48 m² has already participated in the Parcours VIP of the FIAC every year since 2011, in NUIT BLANCHE (Paris 2013), in the Biennale de Belleville (Paris 2014) and in several fairs such as ART-O-RAMA (Marseille 2013, 2015), YIA (Paris 2013), DRAWING NOW (Paris 2014, 2015), LOOP (Barcelona, 2014, 2015), ARTISSIMA (Turin, 2014, 2015, 2016), ART BRUSSELS (2015, 2016, 2017), FIAC-(OFF)ICIELLE (Paris, 2015),
PAREIDOLIE (Marseille, 2017) and ART ROTTERDAM (2017).
22,48 m² wants to be a space of openness, favorable to exchanges and rapprochements between contemporary art and public.

Exhibition view of SUSPENDED by Géraud Soulhiol, Jonathan Monaghan, Sang-Sobi Homme, 2016

Exhibition view of  LES NOUVEAUX CHERCHEURS D'OR by Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, 2015

Exhibition view of OCCUR by Otto-Prod, 2015

Exhibition view of  SUBSTRAT by Cécile Beau, 2014